The Westside Bentley

The westside joke, dating to the '70's, went something like this, I've been told: How do you know Pete Rose's (first) wife, Karolyn, is on a shopping spree? Easy. Her Rolls Royce is parked in the lot at the Western Hills K-Mart.

As a devoted gearhead and one who despises the retail experience, I was sliding in a four wheel drift, fleeing the parking lot of one of Sam Walton's monstrosities where I stopped-under duress-to pick up a few items when I spotted it at the end of the row near the exit. Is that a Bentley Turbo R, base sticker price in 1985, $195,000? I accelerated and simultaneously slammed on the brakes and turned hard left, executing a 180 degree turn, so I could check to see if it was indeed one of 7,230 produced in various configurations between 1985-1997. 
It was. And considering its heritage it has endured a rough life. I'm not enough of an expert to know what year it was produced but had valid tags so someone apparently drove it there. Absent the current tags it could be mistaken for an abandoned vehicle as is evident in the photos. These monsters weighed 5,200 pounds, had a 6.75 liter Bentley V-8 and were about 12 feet long. If you could afford one, mpg was not a concern. (The $195,00 figure is from a few internet sources; I was only shopping for a DeTomaso Pantera GT5 that year so I don't remember what Bentley were going for)